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I received an offer from inviting me to try the site in exchange for a short post about them here on my blog.  I’m happy to take them up on my offer both because my Ukrainian is very limited and in need of improvement, and because there aren’t nearly enough options out there for those looking to learn Ukrainian.  (For example, Rosetta Stone doesn’t offer Ukrainian and has ignored emails by me and others I know asking why they don’t.)

I haven’t had much chance to try the site out yet, but I am looking forward to it.  It seems easy to navigate and appears to provide a good introduction to the language.

I will write another post after I’ve had a chance to spend some more time on the site.  Here is’s explanation of what the site offers:

It is for anybody interested in getting some of the basics whether to make
a good impression and amuse his/her friends or get a bonus point in an
love relationship with an Ukrainian sweetheart. The FunkyUkrainian to
Impress language product is focused on some day-to-day expressions as well
as a particular type of phrases that linguists call fluency-markers. These
are phrases that if said properly (and there’s audio recordings to repeat
after) will make you appear to know more than you might actually know,
because no regular textbook teaches these colloquial expressions and
idioms to foreigners. As to the other subscription-based product –
FunkyUkrainian to Love – it contains lovely phrases such as “My heart beats
only for you”, “Honey”, “My darling”, “You make me happy”, and so on and
so forth.

In addition to the subscription-based products, there’s a free Ukrainian
Vocabulary section with hundreds of words divided into various categories
like “Describing people”, “Family members”, “Colors”, “At home vocabulary”
et cetera. All the words and expressions are recorded by native speakers
of both genders. Moreover, the recordings are of two types: natural speech
(which is fast) and learning mode (very slow so you can hear all the
sounds distinctly).